DanielClass 2008
My study in Tunas Muda School has given me the foundation to cope as a university student up to my Postgraduate programs in Australia. At university we are usually taught the basics of researching and avoiding plagiarism. While some other students struggle to grasp these concepts, as a student of the International Baccalaureate we are accustomed to academic writing, from essays to reports. Because of that we are already familiar with the concept of writing an academic paper, which has resulted in our being a step ahead of other students.

Since the early stages of secondary school we have also been encouraged to be independent critical thinkers, at the same time learning to work collaboratively in teams. This has helped me a lot personally, as this way it has been easier for me to grasp lecture contents and to work with people from different cultures .

Tunas Muda School has not only helped me in the academic areas but has also prepared me in a holistic way. As a young adult, living alone overseas we learn so many new things about daily life. The Creativity Action Service (CAS) program taught us through direct experience about life outside the academic world; as people of modern society,we will be expected and indeed compelled to contribute to our communities; and becauseof the IB philosophy and methodology which we have been exposed to since high school, we have had practice contributing to ourcommunities in many different ways.

Welky Joe
Welky JoeClass of 2008
Studying in TMS was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. The International Baccalaureate Programme helped me to improve my communication and organizational skills and this has been of great benefit to me both in university and my working life. I also learned to be an independent learner and to think independently.

Since I graduated from Tunas Muda School I have completed my Bachelor of Administration at Entrepreneurship Research Centre Institute (ERCI), Singapore and Master of International Business at Monash University Melbourne, Australia. I am also managing a number of businesses in the Property and Food & Beverage sectors.

I believe the skills which I developed at Tunas Muda School have indeed had a positive impact on how successful I have been at university and continually help to further my career.

EricksonClass of 2008
I joined Tunas Muda in July 2005. Studying in Tunas Muda was a very rewarding experience. The teachers were very open and friendly and knowledgeable in their field. Students were encouraged to be responsible and take an active part in their learning. Students were also taught to ask and deepen knowledge and understanding. The emphasis on planning and time management, collaborative learning, teamwork and leadership skills proved to be of great benefit to prepare students for the challenges in university life.

After my high school years in Tunas Muda, I continued to pursue my bachelor degree in the University of Oregon and I am now continuing my father’s business while also starting my own ventures in Property and Food & Beverage. Tunas Muda has taught me a lot of very valuable lessons. All in all, Tunas Muda is a fine institution which nurtures students to be the best that they can be and to become successful leaders

Amanda Maringka
Amanda MaringkaClass 2010
Hi, my name is Amanda I graduated from Bentley University last May with a major in Marketing and concentration in Finance. I was recently recruited by PPLI Asia, a Singaporean company that offers private placement and legacy planning services. I have really enjoyed my working experience so far, and I believe that Tunas Muda played a great role in shaping my character which made me who I am today.

During my years in college, my school assignments were heavily-weighted in group projects. However, it was easier for me to face such challenges than my other friends due to the teaching method that is implemented by Tunas Muda School (TMS). I attended TMS 2007-2010, and it gave me such an extraordinary learning experience not only academically but also socially and mentally. The teachers there work very closely with students, and it made me feel that I was actually was being nurtured and taken care of through out my years there. Moreover, they encouraged me to be more compassionate and respectful of others. Other than that, the school’s motto, “To be the best that we can be” also helped me to be driven by working above and beyond throughout my studies and career.
knowledge and understanding. The emphasis on planning and time management, collaborative learning, teamwork and leadership skills proved to be of great benefit to prepare students for the challenges in university life.

Justine Nadia
Justine NadiaClass of 2014
I have been in Tunas Muda since July 2000 when I joined Kindergarten A. Tunas Muda was my springboard. The education that I gained from Tunas Muda allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding transition into university life. In 2006, the school made the decision to become an IB World School. I completed the rigorous, 2-year IB Diploma Program myself in May of 2014, a program that has shaped my life in immeasurably positive ways. My IB diploma has allowed me entry to several top universities around the globe, also attaining me several scholarships as well as shortening the length of my studies at university by an entire year due to the amount of credits it has given me.

Additionally, outside of the classroom, Tunas Muda taught me to be involved, to be curious, to be hungry, to pursue my interests and taught me the discipline I need to make it in the real world. With the support of my teachers, I gained exposure to interesting people and situations that challenged me in ways that were new to me. The school invests in several outside of classroom activities such as theatre arts, student council and sports, pushing its students to become well-rounded, unique individuals. One of the fondest memories I had during my time at Tunas Muda was attending an international environmental conference Maastricht, Netherlands. This experience opened my eyes as to what it truly meant to be part of a global community.

I am very proud of my IB diploma and pleased that I had the opportunity to earn that diploma at Tunas Muda School. I wholeheartedly endorse Tunas Muda and everything for which it stands.