Management Team

  • rachelgroves_tunasmuda_kedoya_grey

Rachel Mary Groves

I trained as a primary school teacher in UK and started my teaching career in schools in Manchester and London. I then taught in Brunei […]

  • 3 - Laningsih

Tjahja Laningsih

I love teaching because I can learn so much through the children.

  • 46 - Gina

Ginavella Limpin

I consider myself blessed for I have been enjoying my 20 years in teaching academe and have been given the huge opportunity to teach young […]

  • 2 - Yadi

Yadi Sutendi

My teaching career started in 1988 and I have been a member of the Tunas Muda teaching team since 1995. I believe that positive […]

  • 6 - Wati

Ratna Ekawati

I have been working at Tunas Muda since 2000, first as a teacher and now as a Coordinator for Pre-Primary Departments and with special responsibility […]

  • 4 - Elza

Elza Oktora

For me, Tunas Muda International School is like my second home. The warmth of the environment allows me to grow together with the school, just […]

PrePrimary Teacher

  • 48 - Andrea

Andrea Co Villaescusa

Every child has great abilities and every teacher makes a difference in a child’s life. I believe that as teachers we should give children proper […]

  • 8 - Debby

Debby Sartami

I have been working at Tunas Muda since 2003 as an Early Childhood Teacher. I firmly believe that children learn through play which makes them […]

  • 12 - Devi

Marita Devi L. Tobing

I have been working as a Kindergarten teacher at Tunas Muda School (TMS) since 2000. I love teaching children especially at the pre primary level. […]

  • 9 - Viona

Viona Libriani

I started teaching in Tunas Muda in 2005. I love teaching small children because they all have their individual personalities and everyday they show […]

  • 49 - Ann

Mary Ann Estremadura

Each individual creature in this beautiful planet is created by God to fulfill a vital role. And I always believe that every teacher holds a […]

  • 17 - Lisbet


Tunas Muda School is a place that God has given to me. Before I worked in this school, I studied in Atma Jaya Catholic University […]

  • 11 - Yati


I joined Tunas Muda in 1994 and I have been teaching in the Pre-Primary department, especially as a Kindergarten teacher, since then. I love […]

  • 50 - Tasha

Natasha Kezia

I have been teaching pre-school, kindergarten, and primary for two years. Understanding the teacher’s role is something I have been picking up along the years. […]

  • 48 - Mariza

Mariza Metantia

I have almost two years’ experience being teacher. Before I joined Tunas Muda School, I had been teaching and assisting a native speaker teacher in […]

  • 10 - Tiffany

Maria Thee

As an IB Diploma graduate, I have had the opportunity to understand and experience how the IB programme has affected me as an individual. […]

Primary Teachers

  • 25 - Anderi


I have been working as a primary teacher at Tunas Muda since 2003. I believe that everyone has their own potential to achieve a high […]

  • 22 - Dini

Dini Dianti

I have been teaching at Sekolah Tunas Muda since 2004. I believe that with our loving guidance our children will become great, wonderful and loving […]

  • 28 - Durbine

Durbine Hutabarat

Teaching is something that I have been longing to do since I was in High School. I want to play a part in helping children […]

  • 39 - Emmy

Emmy Diana P

I joined Tunas Muda School last June 30, 2014. I have been a teacher for more than 9 years and I am so sure that […]

  • 20 - Ernie


I have been working at Tunas Muda School since 2002, first as Kindergarten teacher and now in the Primary Department. I love working with children […]

  • 24 - Irma

Irma Sintauli Torani

I joined Tunas Muda in 2005 as a Primary Teacher. Teaching is the greatest job that I have ever had in my life because I […]

  • 23 - Fanka

Fanka Eliona Nendissa

I joined Tunas Muda School in 2005. Currently, I am teaching in the Primary Department. To be a true companion for my students as they […]

  • 30 - Lin Na

Lin Na

I joined Tunas Muda in 2002 as a Primary teacher. The one thing that makes my day is when my students can nod and smile […]

  • 26 - Frantze


I joined Tunas Muda School in early 2009 as Primary Teacher. So far it has been a very exciting opportunity to work with these children […]

  • 29 - Ita

Maryori Marita Tomahu

After working as an English course teacher for many years, I joined Tunas Muda in 2004. I love teaching because it requires me to learn […]

  • 31 - Riyadi


I have been working at Tunas Muda since 2001 as a Primary teacher. As teachers, the students’ futures are in our hands so we have […]

  • 47 - Yesi

Yesi Wina Purba

Before I worked in Tunas Muda School, when I was still studying in university, I taught English and basic computer in Malang for about 8 […]

  • 27 - Yuanita

Yuanita Aryani RS

It is not a surprise that I ended up working as a teacher, because I have always loved school and teaching is my passion. They […]

  • 32 - Stefanie


As a teacher, I see each child has their potential that God has given them. It is my part to help them understand their strength […]

  • 21 - Nita

Nita Marlina

I joined the TMS teaching team in 2000. I believe that as teachers we have a very special role to play in the lives of […]

  • 16 - Ratri

Agata Ratri Dyahapsari

Teaching has been part of my life since 5 years ago. My goal in teaching is to understand my students’ needs in learning for better […]

Specialist Teachers

  • 35 - Fikri

Abdul Fikri

I have been a religion teacher at Tunas Muda since 2000, responsible for the Muslim students. I believe that if a student understands what he/she […]

  • 36 - Ery

Ery HW Rumengan

I believe that our children are blessing from God. Therefore, we are accountable to him for raising and preparing them for the fullness believe in […]

  • 44 - Adam

Adam George Sturtevant

Joining Tunas Muda felt like joining a community – a community of learners, welcoming the differences, talents and uniqueness of everyone within it. I am […]

  • 43 - Jaclyn

Jaclyn Supriadi

Education will determine the future. If children have a good education from childhood, they will become people who have a good character in society. Being […]

  • 15 - Cicilia

Cicilia Dwi Ariestyandini

Teaching is a pleasure for me, I’m very happy to meet the children. Seeing the children’s smiles is the thing that I always longed for […]

  • 33 - Muslih


I have been teaching at Tunas Muda since 1993, in the Pre Primary and Priamry departments, and currently in the Physical Education department. I love […]

  • 7 - Nancy

Nancy Bronzal Tan

After graduating in the Philippines I moved to Jakarta and have been teaching in Tunas Muda since 2004. For me, the key to being an […]

  • 37 - Sutris


My name is Sutrisman. I am married and have three children. I have been working in Tunas Muda School from very early years, when the […]

  • 46 - Tim

Timotius Sutomo

Music opens-up a wonder world in children-an unseen world yet audible. Through activities such as: playing music by ear or through notation and singing together […]

  • 42 - Vonny

Liong Vonny Christianti

I studied Chinese language at Qing Hua University, Beijing, China and I have been teaching Chinese language since 2004. I really enjoy being a Mandarin […]

  • 41 - Jade

Jade Michelle Mojica Orellana

I graduated in the Philippines with a degree in Psychology and later on continued studying Special Education. I had been teaching in the Philippines […]

  • 45 - Bella

Ann Bella Yo

My philosophy of education is to increase students’ appreciation to art, especially to performing arts. My aim as a teacher is to teach students so […]

  • 38 - Yeni

Yeni Ekawati

I joined Sekolah Tunas Muda in 2005. Currently, I am teaching in the Primary department. To be a true companion for my students […]

  • 49 - Ricky


To be a true companion for my students as they reach their dreams is my greatest motivation in teaching

  • 34 - Chaerul


I am a graduate from Universitas Negeri Jakarta, taking Physical Education as my major. It is my duty as a PE teacher to help students […]