Management Team

  • frances2_tunasmuda_meruya

Frances Hazle

I have been a member of the teaching profession for almost 30 years and I’m very honoured to be the Principal of Tunas Muda Meruya. I have been involved in all levels of education with experience accross the range from […]

  • 2 - Agung

Agung Pujosusilo W.

In my 15 years experience in Math, Physics and Chemistry, I have made it my aim to mentor students and help them find their […]

  • 5 - Ram

Ramachandra Reddy K.

I have learned that if students construct their own learning experiences they will not only retain information longer, but they will also become more confident […]

  • 7 - Arniel

Arniel Escorial Defita

My philosophy of education is teaching according to the needs and capability of my students. Through teaching, I became a well disciplined, effective and efficient […]

  • 8 - Hayes

Michael Hayes Johnston

I have been teaching since 2007 and my experience has covered three different countries. However, no matter where I teach, my philosophy remains the same. […]

  • 4 - Indra

MM Indrawati Utomo

Teaching Children gives me much pleasure because I can learn something from them. I believe that if we grow together with them, in time […]

  • 3 - Laningsih

Tjahja Laningsih

I love teaching because I can learn so much through the children.

  • 6 - Shanti

Shanti Ariyani

As for me educating children is not only the matter of delivery knowledge but also sharing experiences, ideas and love. Through teaching I praise God […]

PrePrimary Teachers

  • 9 - Dwi

Dwi Ratnawati Lioes

If I were asked why I became a teacher my answer would be because of the tremendous joy and satisfaction that it brings. It […]

  • 10 - Febby

Febby Triquariana

I believe that every child is a unique individual and will become a leader in the future. This passion makes me love teaching in Early […]

  • 12 - Melda

Melda Hutagalung

Teaching is a passion and I am delighted to join Tunas Muda School.

  • 11 - Jo

Josephine L. Operario

Above all, I thank God for giving me an opportunity to join Tunas Muda School. I have been teaching for than 15 years and I […]

  • 68 - Cassandra

Cassandra Purnomo

Being a teacher is never just a job for me, it is a calling. I have been teaching for the past 6 years. I teach […]

  • 15 - Tirah


I understand that every child is unique and if we touch them as individual, we will be able to help them develop in […]

Primary Teachers

  • 16 - Astri

Astriyani Ginting

I have been teaching at Tunas Muda since 2004. I believe that we can learn from anyone, if we open our minds and hearts. My […]

  • 17 - Dian

Dian Ari W

I love teaching because I can learn everything and grow together with children. Education for me is not only being knowledgeable but also learning […]

  • 18 - Emma

Emma Mary Shilston

Children are our future and as a teacher I aim to enrich their lives both educational and socially. I am very honoured to be working […]

  • 19 - Ernesto

Ernesto Catindig Juaiting Jr.

I provide a stimulate learning environment that encourages students to trust their own opinion while fostering confidence in order for students to realize their potential.

  • 20 - Fanny

Fanny Rakhmawaty

We as teachers should give our best for these children because I am sure they can achieve their full potential if we also help them […]

  • 25 - Ika


In my years of teaching, I have come to realize that teaching is not just a profession, it is a passion dedicated to nurturing young […]

  • 24 - Merry

Merry Meijanti

I believe that the PYP is wonderful programme for our children and the Learner Profile, which is at the heart of both the PYP and […]

  • 23 - Mega


I always find satisfaction through teaching. For me it’s never too late to learn something new. As a teacher, I want my students to find […]

  • 22 - Lenny

Yap Meilianny

I have been working as primary school teacher in Tunas Muda since 2003. I believe that teaching is not only a job, but a vocation […]

  • 25 - Puspa

Puspa Pumanti

I believe that children are our future. Educate them to achieve their true potential and lead them so they don’t walk in […]

  • 27 - Patrisia

Patrisia Aci

I love teaching. As a teacher, I have the opportunity to impact on students’ lives in a positive way and stimulate the minds of students […]

  • 26 - Ega

Mega Rahmat Pandia

As every child is unique, I am honored to be part of each child’s growth. Teaching is not only about delivering content but also nurturing […]

  • 26 - Ronny

Ronny M. Lumban Toruan

Teaching is my passion. I believe that teaching is a commitment. It is the shining star that tells me where I want to go and […]

  • 13 - Rachel

Rachel Polidario Defita

Years of teaching experience teaches us how to go our different kinds of students, that’s why it’s important for us to note and learn […]

Secondary Teachers

  • 47 - William_2

William Douglas Fox

Before finding my vocation in teaching I worked as a producer in various production houses and advertising agencies in London and Toronto. My passion for […]

  • 42 - David

David Velarde

After realigning my career in 2007 from engineering and obtaining my PGCE, teaching has become my passion. I have found teaching to be an honorable […]

  • 28 - Amalia

Amalia Septianingsih

As Bahasa Indonesia teacher, my aim is to help students understand their mother language so they can know their culture, tradition, and community better.

  • 33 - Jen

Jeannine Rose Callwood

Teaching English has not only been my career, but my passion, for the past twenty years. I taught English as a first language in Middle […]

  • 42 - Selvi

Selviana Widiastuti

I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years. I believe every student is blessed with their respective talents. As a teacher, this is a […]

  • 29 - Caroline

Caroline Jane Ives

I consider myself to be life long learner, which is also a quality I encourage in my students. My personal and educational philosophy is in […]

  • 43 - Dorothy

Dorothy Grace Alcantara

I am Dorothy Grace Alcantara and I am a Business teacher. As an educator for more than a decade, it is my personal commitment to […]

  • 31 - Hendra


My experience in teaching GCSE Cambridge ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level for the past 6 years and teaching MYP, DP, GAC mathematics for 5 years gives […]

  • 32 - Ivan

Ivan Nurizkiawan

I have been working in the Bahasa Indonesia field since I graduated from university. As a teacher, I have passion to help students […]

  • 66 - Dwi

Dwi Agation

I have been teaching for almort 15 years. I used to teach IB and IGCSE students in some schools. I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic […]

  • 39 - Ridwan

Ridwan Bachtra

School is a second home, therefore, a teacher should have a heart of a parent seeking for maximal potential of students as if they were […]

  • 44 - Justine

Justina Maala Asuncion

Helping my students realize how they can grow from someone to somebody for me is a fulfillment. Something which makes teaching a worth staying profession.

  • 35 - Liesta

Liesta Febrita Sari

I have been teaching since 2004. I’ve taught from the Kindergarten children all the way up to university students. I have taught in Tunas Muda […]

  • 46 - May Ann

May Ann Bansale Farillon

It is my aim as an educator to inspire and motivate students to strive for greatness and to always seek for excellence wherever they go. […]

  • 45 - Lenny


Teaching is not about transferring knowledge, but teaching is about transforming life. It is an honor to become a teacher, when you touch students’ lives […]

  • 44 - Syafrina

Syafrina Machfud

I have been teaching for almost 8 years now. My teaching and instruction philosophy can be stated as one that emphasises on both emotional and […]

  • 43 - Sheila

Sheila JJ Ward

My teaching experience, since 2005, has given unforgettable adventures that provided me with priceless moments in which I look forward to partaking in many more […]

  • 45 - Tanik

Tanik Tri Rasmini

Education for me is a system that aims to help the students reveal their latent potential and use this inner power to achieve their […]

  • 47 - Rajiv

Rajiv Narendra Kawa

What makes teaching most rewarding to me is to guide and mentor the learners to succeed in consolidating their strengths and improvising their weaknesses. My […]

  • 46 - Victor

Victorino Turla Mangila

My teaching principle surrounds on what I call my 3-D. The first D is Discipline. Instilling discipline among our young people is […]

  • 65 - Ana

Anastasia Jayanti Wulansari

My Philosophy as a counsellor: Adjustmental. Adjustmental in the sense that I can help students in making the best possible adjustment to the current situations […]

  • 40 - Rose

Rose Abigail Dacoycoy Mendoza

I have learned that if students construct their own learning experience, they will not only retain information longer but they would also become more confident […]

  • 48 - Dwi

Dwi Agation

I have been teaching for almost 15 years. I used to teach IB and IGCSE students in some schools. I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic […]

Specialist Teachers

  • 55 - Putu

Putu Suryawan

I am very happy to work in Tunas Muda School as a Buddhist Teacher. I hope that through my teaching my students can apply Buddhist […]

  • 49 - Bella

Ann Bella Yo

My philosophy of education is to increase students’ appreciation to art, especially to performing arts. My aim as a teacher is to teach students so […]

  • 50 - Chaerul


I am a graduate from Universitas Negeri Jakarta, taking Physical Education as my major. It is my duty as a PE teacher to help students […]

  • 36 - Ery

Ery HW Rumengan

I believe that our children are blessing from God. Therefore, we are accountable to him for raising and preparing them for the fullness believe in […]

  • 52 - Herman


I am from IKIP Jakarta taking Physical Health Education as my major. To me, PE is not just only developing the students’ physical fitness but […]

  • 62 - Tomi

Tomi Yulianto

This is my first year teaching TMS and I am currently in charge of the Pre K, KA, and KB, grade 1, 2, 3, 4, […]

  • 56 - Lince

Lince Kentjana

I believe in His own special time and special way, God has chosen me to join Tunas Muda as a Catholic Religion Teacher. My […]

  • 58 - Ruli

Ruli Zulkani

I believe that a good relationship between teachers and parents takes a very important role in educating children for a brighter future in life.

  • 57 - Prima

Prima Muhlisin

I have been teacher for almost 17 years and have experience in teaching string instruments in variety of education institutions and I am also a […]

  • 59 - Stacy

Stacia Christina Yakhin

I have been teaching kids in early childhood and primary level since 2009. Then I went to China to pursue my master’s degree. I graduated […]

  • 46 - Tim

Timotius Sutomo

Music opens-up a wonder world in children-an unseen world yet audible. Through activities such as: playing music by ear or through notation and singing together […]

  • 63 - Venus

Venus Catequista Limpin

I started teaching Music since 2002. For me, being in teaching profession is a passion and dedication. When you love what you’re doing, it gives […]

  • 64 - Yoga

Yoga Jatmiko

I have been teaching music for 19 years and presently teaching woodwind and brass at Tunas Muda. I believe that music is an excellent vehicle […]

  • 54 - Isti


I am very happy to be the teacher of Islam at Tunas Muda. I interact positively with my students and share my knowledge of Islam. […]

  • 70 - Editya

Alexander Editya

The best school does not just teach you to be smart but more importantly helps you to have wisdom, discipline, passion and love. I hope […]

  • 67 - Anthony

Paul Anthony

This is my first year teaching at Tunas Muda Meruya and I am very honored to be part of the school. I am excited to […]

  • 65 - Adi

Antonius Adhie Hutomo

Non Scholae sed Vitae Discimus, “We do not learn for school, but for life.” This Latin proverb inspires me as a learner and a teacher. […]