Project Description

Year 5 Asian exhibition is an event where the students came together to exhibit their rich understanding of the diversity of culture and traditions in Asia. The students of year 5 worked over a period of five weeks on this event where they had to work individually on their own assigned country. The students were knowledgeable about the concepts.

They displayed their knowledge and research skills confidently. They were risk-takers in their efforts to present their work to the parents, teachers, and other students. The students were communicators in delivering the information

They were open-minded and reflective in their willingness to address the information about their country. And most of all they were so committed and worked so hard to make this exhibition such a success.

We were very proud to see the students exhibit most of the attributes of the Learner Profiles during the exhibition.They have learned and matured in their communication and self management skills. They were also able to manage their work in a more organised manner. The Asian Exhibition was extremely successful and was attended by the entire school community and parents of year 5 students.

A big thank you to parents who supported this exhibition!