Project Description

We proudly congratulate our students for their great achievements:
- Vanessa Devi Syah Putri (Year 12) had won Design Masterclass Competition 2015 organized by University of Technology Sydney in Australia
- Renaldi Gondosubroto (Year 11 ESS) made finalist out of 1,115 participants World Wide Essay Competition
- Priska Pratama (Year 10) : Best delegate from Harvard Model Congress Asia 2016
- Anna Hanafi and Jove Winston : 2nd and 3rd Champion at SMPK Penabur 7 Singing Competition
- Matthew Tyrone Tan : 1st Champion at Inter-school Speech Competition
- Evan Jeremy : Silver Medal at Taiwanese Changhua International Exhibition Poster and Invention Contest
- Kedoya Primary Girls and Boys Basketball Team : 1st Champion at BPK Penabur Gading Serpong