Project Description

This year has become very unforgettable for all of us in organizing the PYP Exhibition with the Year 6 students. Throughout the whole process and preparation, we experienced many events and learning experiences. It was very challenging this year at Kedoya, because we had also to prepare ourselves for the PYP Evaluation Visit which was conducted in the same year and almost the same month. In another aspect, the students are also preparing themselves for their final exam so they had to deal with the try outs at the same time, so they were really forced to develop their time management skills.
PYP Exhibition is the culmination process which demonstrates the holistic focus of the Primary Years Programme of the IB organization. It reflects the educational journey which has been undertaken by the whole community, especially our students. Year 6 is the final year of the Primary Years Programme, so by organizing this event we can measure the success of the programme in Tunas Muda School.
This year we focused on How We Express Ourselves, narrowed down to the appreciation of Indonesian heritage, as shown in the one central idea the students generated: Expressing our heritage helps us to promote and appreciate it. The students then chose their own topic based on what they are interested in, including: Pencak Silat (Indonesian Martial Arts), Jamu (Indoenesian Herbs), Indonesian Traditional Games such as Bekel and Congklak, Angklung (Indonesian’s musical instrument), Wayang (shadow puppets), and Sundanese Cuisine. All of the groups explored different places and people as well as having different experiences. They also came up with various action plans for the action week to focus on promoting their own topic.
What made this year’s Exhibition so different from the Exhibitions of previous years was on the day, the students did a performance, a presentation of their journey in the booth and also a workshop to show and invite the visitors to experience their topic; workshops included playing angklung, bekel and congklak, doing pencak silat, and watching a wayang show about Punakawan and tasting jamu and Sundanese food.
We were so lucky that during the Exhibition a lot of visitors came from many different schools, both IB schools and National Plus schools. The Year 6 students patiently explained about their booths and workshops and the visitors commented that they really enjoyed having a different experience.
These two days brought a lot of momentum for the mentors, students and all participants who came to our PYP Exhibition. This journey will continue as the students move on to MYP as they will prepare their own Personal Project in Year 10. Fantastic, Year 6! You are such shining stars!!!
- Elza Oktora (PYP Coordinator Tunas Muda School, Kedoya) -