Project Description

This excursion was related to our central idea how electricity changes the way people live. The purpose of this excursion, was to learn how to live as a farmer. When we arrived at that huge place, first, we learnt how to plant a plant in a pot.

We put the fertilizer soil in the pot, then we put the plant in it. After that we covered it with more soil. Then we moved to another area to see a house in the village and how they called the community by using “kentongan’ made from bamboo. In that area, we also learnt more about rice, from how to plant rice (of course we liked it because we could play with mud and plough the rice field riding a cow!) and the process of how paddy is changed to to rice.

It was an unforgettable excursion with lots of experiences. We not only had fun but we also learned about something. At home time, the people from Pasir Mukti gave us the plants that we had planted before. We promised to grow these plants at home to make our environment become greener. – Nana and Latisha, Year 3