Students Activities

Year 11 Retreat at Villa Bukit Pancawati, Cikretek

Year 11 Retreat, organized by our TMS Alumni and Romo Yustinus, Pr. Tk. at Villa Bukit Pancawati, Cikretek

Great achievements

We proudly congratulate our students for their great achievements:
- Vanessa Devi Syah Putri (Year 12) had won Design Masterclass Competition 2015 organized by University of Technology Sydney in Australia
- Renaldi Gondosubroto (Year 11 ESS) made finalist out of 1,115 participants World Wide Essay Competition
- Priska Pratama (Year 10) : Best delegate from Harvard Model Congress Asia 2016
- Anna Hanafi […]

PYP Exhibition Kedoya

This year has become very unforgettable for all of us in organizing the PYP Exhibition with the Year 6 students. Throughout the whole process and preparation, we experienced many events and learning experiences. It was very challenging this year at Kedoya, because we had also to prepare ourselves for the PYP Evaluation Visit which was […]

Green Festival

This year’s TM Festival was the culmination of a week of special activities which focused on the environment. TM Green Festival took place on Saturday 28th March at TM Kedoya. After a week of very rainy mornings we were delighted to see that our Festival day was bright and sunny! During Environment Week our pre […]

PYP Exhibition Meruya

Care for Ourselves, Others and the World

“In the final year of the PYP, students participate in a culminating project, the PYP exhibition. This requires that each student demonstrates engagement with the five essential elements of the programme: Knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action. It is a transdisciplinary inquiry conducted in the spirit of personal and […]


Year 4 students visited the Hypermart (a modern market) in Puri Indah area and Lotte Mart (a wholesale market) in Meruya. They observed the size of the markets, the types and the amount of products sold, the number of employees, and the facilities and the services provided. They also compared the prices of the products […]

Christmas in Our Hearts

Time flies… We have finally reached Christmas!

On Friday, 5th December, our Pre-Primary children celebrated Christmas with lively performances and a themed party.  Each class performing either a dance, music or a stage play.  Highlighting the programme was Santa’s gift-giving.  Most of the children loved meeting Santa!

Our Primary students together with their families joined us to celebrate […]

Trip to Pasir Mukti

This excursion was related to our central idea how electricity changes the way people live. The purpose of this excursion, was to learn how to live as a farmer. When we arrived at that huge place, first, we learnt how to plant a plant in a pot.

We put the fertilizer soil in the pot, then […]