Students Activities

Year 5 Asian Exhibition

Year 5 Asian exhibition is an event where the students came together to exhibit their rich understanding of the diversity of culture and traditions in Asia. The students of year 5 worked over a period of five weeks on this event where they had to work individually on their own assigned country. The students were […]

Year 10 & 11 Christmas Outreach Activities

We’ve seized our day! This was the mantra of our year 10 and 11 students who faced up themselves to creating extraordinary lives with others by going out from coziness and security zones to stay for a time with the less-privileged kids in Griya Asih and Mulia Sejati  orphanages in east and south Jakarta respectively […]

Year 5 Excursion to Island Creamery – Flavor Bliss

Year 5 went on an excursion to………Island Creamery – Flavor Bliss (Alam Sutera)
Tuesday, 18th November was really an exciting day for Year 5, as they went to Island Creamery an ice cream outlet that is located in Alam Sutera, Serpong Tangerang.
They learnt how ice cream is made and processed and what states of matter are […]

Year 8’s Expository Fair

Year 8’s Expository Fair
The enthusiasm, nerves, difficulty and ecstatic excitement all in one fair! 
Instructions tell a reader/ viewer precisely how to do something. They usually provide a list of what is needed and step-by-step directions on how to do something; that is exactly what the Year 8s accomplished this Unit 3 during the Expository Fair.
The […]

Silent Auction and Year 3 Fund Raising

Silent Auction and Year 3 Fund Raising

For the first time in Tunas Muda International School, Year 3 Meruya held a silent auction. This pilot project was designed to accommodate their learning in Unit 2 and at the same time to take action within the learning community.

It was a long process, planning and preparation. We […]

Year 9 Camp

Held at 3G Resort, Mega Mendung, Gadog, Bogor, our Year 9 Camp was fully designed to develop the life and social skills of Year 9 students of Tunas Muda International School. The students participated in every activity, facilitated by Adam Khoo Learning Centre.
We believe that this camp gave immeasurable value to the overall development of […]

Year 11 School Trip Singapore

In November year 11 students visited Singapore for a three-day school trip. In Singapore we saw China Town, Chijmes, and Marina Bay. The highlights of our time in Singapore were a visit to Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the Bay and  Esplanade to see The Globe theatre company perform Shakespeare’s  A Midsummer Night’s Dream .
The trip […]

The Living Rosary

October is the month of the rosary and how fitting that we celebrate this occasion by holding a living rosary in honor of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our mother too.
A Living Rosary is a prayer service where each person represents one of the beads of the rosary and leads the corresponding prayer while […]